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If you have questions, please contact a Transportation Committee member (last page).


I. CLAREMONT MANOR BUS (Thursdays only – all times are approximate)

The bus stops on the west side of Porter Hall for pick-up and drop-off. You may wait on the Abernethy patio.


Normally — between 9 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Pick-up to Foothill Blvd; 10:10 am approximate return to Pilgrim Place.

            10:15 pick-up for Village run.


Foothill Blvd. bus stops: Trader Joe's, US Bank, Sprouts, Stater Bros, CVS. Stops in the Village: Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Hendricks, Post Office, Public Library, and others as requested. Give the driver a $1.75 ticket for each way. Buy tickets at the Administration's front desk and charge them to your monthly bill.



Dial-a-Ride is a shared taxi service at a reasonable price, open to all ages, for visiting, shopping, or medical appointments. Service for seniors (60+) and the disabled is provided 24 hours a day, every day. Rides may be ordered from one hour to one day in advance. Call 909-623-0183. The cost for seniors each way is a $1.50 ticket. For travel outside of Claremont, such as to the Pomona Valley Medical Center area, the cost is $2.50 one way for seniors.


Register at 909-621-9900 or go in person to the Community Senior Services Center, 141 South Spring St., Claremont. You will receive an ID number that is good for both Dial-a-Ride and Get About (described below).


One booklet of 10 tickets is $15. You can buy the booklets from the Administration front desk and charge them to your monthly statement. You can also purchase them from the Joslyn Center or City Hall.


Dial-a-Ride service goes to anywhere within the Claremont city limits and to closely nearby places such as the Pomona Valley Hospital, Montclair Plaza, and the Montclair TransCenter. See Giselle Tackoor in Admin for the latest brochure.



This is a door-to-door, ride-sharing service designed for seniors 60+ and disabled persons of any age. It operates every day of the week. Reservations should be made one day in advance by calling 909-596-5964. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available. You must register for Get-About, just as for Dial-a-Ride (see above).


The one-way fare is $1. Higher one-way fares, from $2 to $10, apply for more distant trips. You can purchase a booklet of 12 tickets for $10 from the Administration front desk and charge them to your monthly statement. You can also purchase them from the Joslyn Center or City Hall.


Get-About goes to anywhere in Claremont, Pomona, La Verne, San Dimas, Glendora, the Montclair Plaza and parts of Upland and Ontario. See Giselle Tackoor in Admin for the latest brochure.



Access Para Transit Services provide door-to-door transportation for those with disabilities. To determine your eligibility, call 323-770-9777. Under 20 miles, the cost is $2.75 one way. You’ll pay more for longer distances. Online information is at, or phone: 800-827-0829 (TDD 800-827-1359). You might also want to consult with Ann Marie Sullivan.


V. FOOTHILL TRANSIT Public bus (1-800-743-3463,

Foothill Transit operates public buses that pass through Claremont. The regular senior fare (62 and older) is $0.75 with an additional $0.25 for a transfer; you must buy the transfer when you pay your original fare. The senior fare drops to $0.50 with a TAP card (see below). You must have exact change. (Fare box will accept $1 bill but will not return change.) Senior fares must have a photo ID; disabled must have Medicare card. Schedules and a system map are available online. For $1 you can get a Bus Book with detailed information from City Hall or on the bus.


Useful bus routes are #492, which goes west on Bonita through LaVerne and San Dimas, and ends in El Monte; it goes east to Montclair Mall. #188 goes up Indian Hill to Foothill, west through LaVerne, and ends at Azusa at the Gold Line terminal. In the easterly direction it ends at the Montclair Transit Center. #480 goes from 1st Street in Claremont down Indian Hill to Holt, and then into downtown Pomona.


The TAP (Transit Access Pass) card is good for these buses but requires applying on line. You can also apply at the Pomona Transit center (use bus #480). Download the app from Once you get your card you can reload your card through the app, or at City Hall, or at the public library.

Silver Streak Bus (1-800-743-3463)   
This Foothill Transit express bus service runs from the Montclair Transit Center to downtown Los Angeles. Stops downtown include Union Station, the Disney Center, and the USC Medical Center. The trip takes approximately one and a half hours. The bus operates 24 hours per day, which is helpful for those staying late in LA. It departs as frequently as every 15 minutes during the workday. The one-way senior fare (with ID) is $1.25 in exact cash, or $1.15 with a TAP card. The web site has more information and a map.


VI. METROLINK -; call 800-371-5465 (TDD 800-698-4833)

A commuter train system providing service to the west between Claremont and Union Station in downtown Los Angeles; and service to the east to San Bernardino. The Claremont to Union Station fare varies with promotions and discounts, but costs about $9.00 round trip for seniors. Buy tickets from machines at any station, online, or with the smartphone app. With your ticket you have free access to the Los Angeles Metro (light rail and subway, including the Gold Line).


Dash Bus (LADOT Dash) –

A public bus system serving parts of Los Angeles County. It links to Union Station. The service is free with your Metrolink ticket or 25 cents for seniors, without Metrolink. Details including routes and times are found at The website is mobile friendly.





Numerous intercity bus companies serve downtown Los Angeles. The Busbud web site searches these companies for your trip ( There is a Greyhound terminal on Indian Hill Blvd just south of the 10 freeway (909-624-4564). The Greyhound website is



Uber and Lyft require the use of a smartphone, an app, and a credit card on file. One-way trips in the Claremont area cost $6 to $9.



AlA: (909) 212-4719; ABC: (909) 399-5050; Bell Cab: (909) 391.1434; Yellow Cab: (909) 622-1313



A helpful resource guide to using public transportation to points of interest in Los Angeles authored by residents Grace Moremen and Jacqueline Chase. ISBN: 1508805830. Copy in Porter Library. Available on Amazon for $15.



LAX via Metrolink plus Fly-Away Bus. Take the Metrolink to Union Station where you will find the "Fly-Away Bus" ($9.75 one way, about 50 minutes) non-stop to LAX, payable online at, or by credit card when boarding. No reservations—first come, first serve. Depending on day and time of day, it runs every 20 to 60 minutes, 24/7. For departure times, see the Information Brochure at


Long Distance Shared Shuttles.

1. Super Shuttle offers shared service from your door to LAX, Ontario, John Wayne (Orange County), Bob Hope (Burbank) and Long Beach airports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For reservations call 1-800-258-382, or go to, or use their app. (Add code H2D5B or AAA member number for a discount.)  From your door to LAX costs $57 for the first person and $9.00 for each additional person. From your door to Ontario Airport - $23.00 for the first person and $9.00 for each additional person.


2. Shuttle2LAX offers service from the west side of the 57 Freeway to LAX for $42. Reserve on or their app. You will need to give a pick-up address (which can be a restaurant or some public place) west of the 57 Freeway.


3. Prime Time. Pricing is similar to Super Shuttle. Book online at


XII. Contracted car usage

Some residents are considering contracting with each other for the common use of a single car. Keep your ears open for developing conversations in this area.




Pilgrim drivers have offered to help you and are available below. The drivers do not charge, but we suggest that you contribute the following amounts toward gas and wear on the car if you are able. If you are unable to afford the suggested amounts, please inform the driver beforehand.


Local trips - $5.00. To Ontario Airport - $15.00. To Pasadena or Kaiser Ontario or Fontana, $30. To LAX and other area airports $60.00. (Note: If the driver takes you someplace and drops you off, then returns later to pick you up, you should consider it as two trips when leaving your gift.)


"D" is for a driver for local transportation (shopping and appointments)

"O" is for travel to the Ontario International Airport.

"L" is for travel to the LAX International Airport.

"Lb" is for travel to the Long Beach Airport.

"W" is for travel to the John Wayne Airport.

"B" is for travel to the Burbank Airport.

# Can take a light-weight walker, but not a wheelchair

## Can handle a walker or a fold-up wheelchair


  1. Suzanne Brown   D O(909) 624-4100

  2. Ann Marie Coleman   D O Lb #(909) 912-9303

  3. Judith Favor   O L(909) 908-2047

  4. Jane Heckles   O L Lb W B #(909) 268-3364

  5. John Keester   D O #(909) 399-9117

  6. Karen Lebacqz   D O ##(909) 285-8962

  7. Ken Mitchell   D O(909) 730-4730

  8. Lynn Rhodes   D O L Lb W B # ##(909) 267-9012

  9. Jean Rosewall   D O #(909) 624-9640

  10. Rich Schieber   D O L Lb W B # ##(909) 675-7282

  11. Candace Schipul   D ##(909) 493-8364

  12. Bob Smith   O L Lb W B(909) 626-3312

  13. Miriam Todoroff   D O #(909) 626-5439

  14. Howard Towne   D O #(909) 621-5381

  15. Judy Wallace   D O #(909) 398-1417




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