Guidelines for submitting written announcements, news, and other material for publication at Pilgrim Place  (January 2019)

 Weekly Announcements:

  1. On-line submission form (preferred). Instructions on the form. Links to that form are prominent on Pilgrim Place Portal (a.k.a.“Residents Side” of  PP website) and Pilgrim Place Post OR,

  2. Type an email, send it to  OR, 

  3. Write on paper,hand in to the Reception Desk at Administration. Rory Sheehan or his substitute will then enter it for you. 

  4. Submit any time, no need to wait for a deadline. However, for Weekly Announcements, a cut-off each Tuesday at 1:30pm 

  5. No telephoned submissions.  

  6. Acknowledged receipt of your submission will be emailed to you.

  7. Editors may exercise editorial judgment.

Other Publications: 

  1. REFLECTIONS is our residents' platform for creative writing: prose, poetry, humor, book reviews, reminiscences, what you have learned at this stage of your life, memories of important people in your life, etc.   Submissions are limited to approximately 600 words, shorter preferred.  Use your regular word processing software (never a PDF) and send as an attachment to your email to  Nothing time sensitive, please; you may have to wait a while to see you name in print.


    • Use your regular word processing software and attach it to your email as a Word file (please avoid PDF), or type your information as an email message. Format in just straightforward text. For any extra text embellishments use only italics, bold, all CAPS and underline. Don’t worry about fonts.  Avoid PDF files.

    • Announcements must be brief, concise, less than 50 words. Articles should be less than 650 words (full page) or 325 words (half page) unless a longer article has been discussed in advance with the editor. On-line Lead Editor is Gene Boutilier; monthly printed News Editor is Jim Dwyer. 

    • Please include at the top of the submission: the date, suggested title, optional subtitle, and source (committee or person etc.) and at the bottom in brackets or parentheses:the contact name, phone, email of the submitter, which will not appear in print. 

    • Photos and images: desired and very welcome. On-line publication needs only standard resolutions. Monthly Newsletter images need high resolution. Whenever possible, pictures should have descriptive caption and credit to the photographer or image source. 

    • Editors may exercise editorial judgment, and also may include (in the other publications) material submitted for Weekly Announcements.

    • Submit items at any time. However, for inclusion in the next printed Newsletter, or the ‘yellow page’ monthly calendar insert, a deadline (usually a mid-month Friday) is announced every month.   


Among the approved Guidelines are the following:

  • No solicitation of donations at the microphone or in any of the forms of communication sponsored by the Communication Committee or by Pilgrim Place unless the solicitation is approved beforehand by TMX. 

  • Offering items for sale (except to benefit Pilgrim Place) may be done three ways: on the Pilgrim Place Residents Google Group, designated bulletin board, or person-to-person.

  • Publicly announcing personal information(hospitalizations, major transitions etc.) must be done with discretion and permission of those personally affected. 

Additional expectations are more fully explained in the Communications Guidelines 

regarding dinner-time microphone announcements and introductions, as well as bulletin boards, handouts, yard signs, etc. 

© 2019 Pilgrim Place Post; The Communications Committee of Town Meeting, the Residents of Pilgrim Place, Claremont, California