The  Porter Library of Pilgrim Place

Looking for a regular print book, large print book, book by a Pilgrim Place author or audio book on CD? Use the search power of the Pilgrim Place Internet Catalog to do a general keyword search or a keyword search by title, author or subject! You can also browse the colorful book covers of the newest additions to the PP Library, the most checked out books in the library and the  Diversity Study Group Collection. A new feature allows you to login in and renew books, request books and put holds on books. Directions for login are found on the home page of the catalog.

The long awaited return of the Pilgrim Place monthly “New Materials  List” in large print format. This list includes regular print Books, large Print Books, audio books on CD,  Pilgrim Place Authors, Environmental Concerns, Health & Wellness (Caregivers) and Woman’s Perspective collections.

Click below for a collection of past monthly New Materials (books and audio books)


Pilgrim Place Porter Library, Porter Hall (601 Mayflower Rd.)



We, of the Library Committee and Library Volunteers, extend to you a warm welcome to Porter Library of Pilgrim Place, which we encourage you to use!
Hours – 7:00 am – 9:00 pm  
· You may check-out books and audio books for one month, and renew them for one more month as long as no one has requested the item.
· Information on checking out a book, renewing a book, requesting help finding a book or putting a hold on a book is found on the wall in the Check-out area of the library. Most important:  Please PRINT today’s date and your first and last name legibly on the check-out card found in the pocket at the back of the book or audio book.   
· Please read magazines and newspapers in the library only. The print editions of The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Claremont Courier are available for reading in the library. There are several magazines available in the library.  Most are gifts, and the library subscribes to and keeps back issues of The Christian Century and Consumer Reports.
Please do not eat or drink in Porter Library.
The library has a growing collection of books in the following sections:

  • Newly published books, best sellers and award winners on the display shelves in the library reading room and in the large print section.

  • Fiction ·

  • Non-fiction (strong in social justice, racial diversity and biography) ·

  • Large Print ·

  • Mystery  ·

  • Audio books on CD ·

  • Pilgrim Place authors ·

  • Environmental concerns and gardening  ·

  • Health and wellness, care-taking, dealing with grief, planning for a good death  ·

  • Woman’s perspective  

   Access to the collection is provided by:

  • An author/title card catalogue in the library reading room. The final two drawers of the card catalog give author/title access to books by Pilgrim Place authors. A user-friendly Internet Library Catalog. This offers subject and keyword searching and includes photos of many book covers. 

  • It can be accessed 24/7 on any computer with Internet access from  

  1. the Pilgrim Place website (on the Portal side under “Calendar/Campus Services”)  •

  2. the Pilgrim Place Post website:

  3. Its URL or web address: 

  4. At this time books may be renewed or reserved on the Internet Library Catalog, but to check books out you need to go to the library. The directions for renewing or requesting books and holds are on the Internet catalog home page.  


The library provides materials that help residents renew their driver’s license: 

  • folders with a handbook and previous tests to be checked out

  • on-line access to written DMV practice tests which can be accessed from the home page of the Pilgrim Place Internet Library Catalog.


A list of newly added library items is posted monthly in print and digital format: 

  • in the monthly Pilgrim Place News.

  • in a plastic holder on the wall next to the New Books section in the Porter Library Reading Room.

  • in notebooks in the reading room and in the center of the stacks.

  • on a digital list with an archive on 

  • in the Pilgrim Place Internet Library Catalog scroll to the bottom of the home page for list with cover of books.

 Donations: You may donate regular print and large print hard cover books and audio books on CD that are in good condition, published within the last five years and unabridged, to the library.  You may leave donations on the top shelf of the cart on the eastern wall in the library workroom. We pass donations we decide not in the library on to the Pilgrim Place Book Place, which supports the Resident Health and Support Fund. Put a note in your donation if you want a book returned to you rather than given to the Book Place.   
 Recommendations for purchase: Residents may suggest books they would like the Library Committee to consider for purchase. Please send the recommendation to Elizabeth Frank, Library Coordinator (See directory.) The Library Materials Selection Committee will consider your recommendation in its monthly meeting.  
Pilgrim Place Authors: We have both a special collection of the works of Pilgrim Place authors, and a collection of circulating copies of many of these as well.  This is why we ask for two copies of any book you publish.  Resident volunteers spend many hours making the library an organized and pleasant place for you to visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to check with someone on the Library Committee or a Library Volunteer.  


We love to help!   


Enjoy your library! 


Mary Yonan, Library Committee Chairperson

Betty Frank, Library Coordinator
2019 Library Committee members: Nancy Rice   Bonnie Britt   Lois Hines   Cheryl Kugler   Bob Moore    Karen Lull  

2019 Volunteers:  Cheryl Kugler Cathy Thompson  Beryl Moore   Shirlee Bromley   Marge Moran   Jai Forney   Carolyn Francis  

Joyce Lamphere   Don Chatfield